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MATLAB Overview is a Course

MATLAB Overview

Time limit: 90 days


Full course description

Many WPI students use linear algebra/matrix methods to solve engineering problems in their various disciplines (e.g. mechanical, electrical, civil).  A popular and powerful software package, MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory), is often used as a solution tool.  As a result, many WPI students learn to use MATLAB.


The company that provides MATLAB, MathWorks, offers free online training.  The link to this training is provided as a resource at the end of the Modules Section of this course.  That said, many students prefer more detailed lessons.   To meet this need, WPI Adjunct Professor Dr. Slobodan Pajic, recorded a series of 4 video modules to walk you through the theory and application of MATLAB.  Based on previous student feedback, these video modules are helpful. 

 Although Dr. Pajic teaches Electrical Power Systems courses, he agreed to make these videos available to help any and all WPI students.  If you use this course to help you learn MATLAB

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