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SD 9001 | System Dynamics Fundamentals | Micro course 1 is a Course

SD 9001 | System Dynamics Fundamentals | Micro course 1

Time limit: 90 days

$199 Enroll

Full course description

Welcome to the System Dynamics Foundations course! This is a classic introductory course in System Dynamics that was taken by hundreds of WPI students from different degree and professional programs since 2005. Seventeen years after its original debut by Jim Hines and Jim Lyneis are the main lecturers, with guest lecturer Oleg Pavlov we decided to make it accessible to a larger audience and split its content into digestible self-paced modules while keeping its original video content intact. We have added more practice exercises to help gauge your learning along the way. This is the first module in a series of three. We hope you will enjoy it and most importantly learn!

Learning Outcomes:

    • Understand the causes of dynamic behavior at a basic level
    • Recognize the standard approach to developing system dynamics models
    • Learn to use the basic tools and techniques in developing these models

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